Mobile Sites - The World Has Gone Mobile - Have You?

In this day, everybody has a website but very few have catered to the mobile arena. Is your website optimized for the mobile world?

Droid Bionic Review from a BlackBerry User
We Know You Hate Accounting. So Let Us Handle it!

If you are a small business and need to get your accounting needs under control with QuickBooks, we can help with that. We setup, training and consult to get your books

Droid Bionic Review from a BlackBerry User
95% of all Text Messages are Read in the First 5 Minutes!

Don't let that opportunity to reach your audience slip away. We can set up mobile marketing campaigns that work and help your business attract more business.

Droid Bionic Review from a BlackBerry User
Web Design is more than just throwing a few pages of content together with a logo.

Sometimes a simple website is not enough or you want more control over your website. We have solutions that will allow you to do so.

Droid Bionic Review from a BlackBerry User

Your Customers Are Mobile. Are You?



Customers are increasingly using mobile devices to look up business information.It is estimated that by 2011, the number of smart mobile devices will exceed desktops. More than 50 million iPhones are already in the market today. Other platforms including Androids, Blackberries, Palm and Windows have tens of millions of phones

Are you willing to give up one in ten potential customers just because your website is not compatible with a mobile device?

Groupon’s IPO — Yeah a Groupon!

How fitting is this? Groupon is about to have their IPO and they decide to do what they do best.

Make it a groupon offering.

We all know clipping supermarket coupons is about as chic as a bedazzled fanny pack. Even those ironic hipsters shun double coupon days like an all-ages concert. Then one morning a Groupon appeared in your inbox, instantly upping the status of the lowly coupon forever. The 24-hour buy-in time limit? Enticing! The clever copy? Irresistible! The more than half-off discount? Tantalizing! Your credit card number is defenseless against this deadly deal.

Why You Should Have a Mobile Site NOW!

Most people think having a mobile site is probably just another thing they don’t have time to worry about. But I’m here to tell you that having a mobile site is so important NOW that you could be losing customers.

So here are a few reasons you need a mobile site in plain English and short to the point.

1. I can’t see your website on my phone.  Your site was probably built in flash or in some manner that really irritates me, and I see that it has a big blue box. So, you just lost me as a customer. …read more