2010 Year End Awards: Best and Worst of the 2010 NFL Season

The NFL this season has been really interesting. Things have turned topsy-turvy. If I would have told you the Cowboys, Vikings, Chargers and Cardinals were eliminated from Playoff contention before January – or just plain period – you would have thought I was crazy.

Yet in 2010 this is what we have. But for some people out here, this year couldn’t have been better.

See Bears, Falcons, Bucs, and Chiefs fans.

So let’s get down to business and talk about year end awards.

Best team: New England Patriots. This was actually a close one because the Atlanta Falcons have two reputable losses — Pittsburgh and Philadelphia versus New England’s losses to the Jets and Browns. But Tom Brady has been Tom Terrific. This may change tomorrow night if the Falcons sweep the Saints, but the fact that the Pats whipped a decent Jets team 45-3 catapults them to the top. This is a dangerous playoff team. Tom doesn’t lose at home. I would love to see Colts vs Pats in the AFC championship.

Most Disappointing Team: Minnesota Vikings-  You may think Carolina Panthers but this goes beyond just record. The talent level was never there for the Panthers so this 2 win season is about where I expected them. But the Vikings were a play away from the Super Bowl. The team was mostly in tact. The gunslinger was in place. And Most importantly. Adrian Peterson. A no fumbling Adrian Peterson. Wow.   Honorable mention here also – Cincinnati Bengals. You need to revamp that team. Also alot of talent but I knew Carson Palmer was not nor will never be a good quarterback.

Worse team: The Bengals. They don’t even deserve the first name and I live in the city. Pathetic year. Pathetic coaching. TO was right. They need to contract these jokers.

Most dangerous team to watch in the Playoffs: Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers. As long Peyton Manning and my man Aaron Rodgers stay in the cockpit these two teams are tough. Indy will probably get in. They will probably play the Baltimore Ravens who they own. I can see them beating Pittsburgh too. Watch out for the Colts. The Packers are dangerous too if they stay healthy. A first round match with the Eagles could be tough though. They beat them once already. But that was only one half with Micheal Vick. This would be a full game.

Team that has the most to look forward to: Arizona Cardinals. They play in a bad division and I think they were humiliated this year. But they have a nice rookie quarterback to develop. Most of the players will be back. And a free agent QB will probably love to come play with Larry Fitzgerald. It may be Donovan McNabb or maybe Marc Bulger. I can tell you this. Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t like to be humiliated. Watch out NFC West. A very close second: Detroit Lions

My favorite Coach – Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers. This guy has the best sound bites. He is the most professional coach out there. And he commands respect. He tolerates no foolishness and handled Ben’s situation rather well.

Worst Coach – Wade Phillips, former Cowboys coach. He’s out. Nuff said.

Feel good team of the year – Detroit Lions - If you don’t root for these lovable losers, you have no heart. They should have 7 wins this year but two were taken from them. (Chicago and Philly). They will be a tough team next year and they wont finish in last place in the NFC North.

Comeback player of the Year. Michael Vick. See Giants game. Redskins game.

Best Rookie: N’damukong Suh. A beast in wait. Gives the Lions front four a true name. I really like his future.

Best Receiver this year: Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons – Notice I said this year. I’m sure you will disagree. Check the stats. He is the reason Atlanta is where they are.  He just makes plays. Watch him play folks. Watch him play. Honorable mention goes to Dwayne Bowe. All he does is catch touchdowns.

Best running back: This year it has to be Arian Foster. Too bad he couldn’t make his team play better, but he started strong. And has kept it going. But I will say this folks. Jamaal Charles has done more for his team. He has led the Chiefs to the playoffs.

Most overrated player: Eli Manning: Check his stats. He is an interception fiend. He’s lost some games this year, and yet people just continue to love him. Not me. You can keep him.

Coach of the year: Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs. – He not only talks the talks but walks it too. To the tune of 100 stitches in his knee try to play DB at practice. He did something nobody anticipated. He led the Chiefs to the AFC West title, and that seat has been reserved for the San Diego Chargers.

Game of the year : Eagles 38 Giants 31. Desean Jackson. Michael Vick. Matt Dodge. Honorable mention – Cardinals 27 Cowboys 26.

Biggest upset: Cleveland beating the New England Patroits: I swear when I saw the headline I thought it was a game of Madden football. How could Cleveland pull this off?  34-14?