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2010 Year End Awards: My Company of the Year – Groupon

    CrunchBase Information Groupon Information provided by CrunchBase They looked Google in the face and said “no thanks”. They are the fastest growing company – EVER. They have anchored the campaign to make America deal conscious. We are talking about Groupon, the Chicago based deal-of-the-day company, who has taken the United States, Brazil, France [...]

Groupon BlackBerry App Now Available

The hottest company of 2010 has finally released their BlackBerry application. Sure it took a bit, but when is developing for BlackBerry ever easy. Find deals of over 130 cities or just concentrate on what’s going on in your city. Get it here in App World.

2010 Year End Awards: Best and Worst of the 2010 NFL Season

The NFL this season has been really interesting. Things have turned topsy-turvy. If I would have told you the Cowboys, Vikings, Chargers and Cardinals were eliminated from Playoff contention before January – or just plain period – you would have thought I was crazy. Yet in 2010 this is what we have. But for some [...]

2010 Year End Awards

So this week I have decided that I’m sick of reading all these other people 2010 year end awards so I am gonna do my own. So this week most of my post will be some sort of year end award sprinkled in with some other good news. You will see these categories this week. [...]

My Most Interesting Facebook vs Twitter Graphic of 2010

The great people from Gigaom did a masterful writeup on the facebook vs twitter universe. I had to show my readers this infographic. Feel free to comment below.

The Curious Case of the Motorola Tablet

What do you think of the potential Motorola tablet that is suppose to come out at CES? I have been thinking about it. I was playing with my iPad yesterday and contemplated a new tablet. Right now, as it stands, there is no other tablet I like. The Samsung Tab is nothing but the EVO [...]

Android Beta of Swype Available

I would like to start this post with a very important word of caution. IF YOU HAVE SWYPE PRE-INSTALLED ON YOUR PHONE FROM YOUR CARRIER, DO NOT INSTALL THE BETA. It will jack your phone. Ok. The bad stuff has been stated. Now, the good news. Swype Beta has been released. It fixes some bugs. [...]

That Didn’t Take Long. AOL buys

We just reported yesterday how cool was and you probably should start up a profile. Its been reported today that AOL has bought social media startup Tony Conrad, CEO of, is no stranger to AOL. This is the second startup that AOL has bought from him with Sphere being the first. (pic [...] is out of Beta has been around awhile but you can’t really underestimate how cool this is. You can quickly build your own profile and have some analytics.  It shows up as a splash page and some information on you. Then you have the ability to put how people can find you. It’s very simple to set up, [...]

Today is Free Shipping Day

Here is a not so useless fact. Ok Maybe at 4:15 p.m. it is but I just stumbled upon For those who didn’t know, Today, Friday December 17 is just that. 1500 merchants have signed up for this historic (cough) event. These 1769 merchants have informed us that they are offering free shipping today [...]