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DroidX BlackBerry Theme Now Available

For those BlackBerry users ready for the droid experience, we have a nice little surprise for you. Here is a pretty neat theme for you closet Android geeks. Mistabyggs has conjured up a pretty masterful Droid X representation for the Storm and Storm2. We know you’ve seen plenty of Droid-like themes before, some good and [...]

Droid Pro – Not Quite the BlackBerry

I opened the box of the Droid Pro and I really wanted to like this. The first thing that struck me is — this sucker looks like a BlackBerry. It even feels like a BlackBerry. It’s pretty obvious that the Droid Pro is a direct competitor to the BlackBerry. You touch that keyboard and you [...]

Amazon MP3 Now Available for BlackBerry

It’s not quite iTunes but Amazon has come to BlackBerry. Today, RIM and launched Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry smartphones, giving BlackBerry smartphone users in the U.S. access to Amazon’s catalog of over 14 million songs. Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry smartphones allows users to browse, preview, download, store, and tell friends about their favorite music [...]

The Social Media Effect

The Journey of a Tweet

The First Real iPad Competition is……

The BlackBerry Playbook. Check out the video that BGR has posted on YouTube about the new tablet from Research in Motion. Regardless of how their stock has tanked the last few days, I do believe this device will be a viable competitor to the  iPad (not a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Tab). However, let [...]

How to Make a QR Code?

Take a look above this sentence. You see that? It’s a QR Code and you are starting to see them pop up everywhere. It’s a fantastic concept. If you have information you want people to get about you or your business. In fact, think about it.  You could post all types of information in this [...]

6 Ways To Be Effective When You Wake Up

The pillow could easily be our biggest enemy. The fight to get up in the morning is sometimes the hardest fight of the day. Not the boss. Not the wife. Not the hubby or kids. Just the strength to get up from the pillow. But now you are up. The world is waiting. What do [...]

Imagine Your Next Cell Phone Being Like This

Imagine what the future of cell phones could look like? Take a look at this video from TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) who was just acquired by Research in Motion. Could we see a resurgence in BlackBerry?

Initial Thoughts on the Samsung Continuum

I’m not gonna lie. This phone is pretty. That sounds so soft but it’s hard to describe it in better terms. As I opened the package, I was blown away with the AMOLED screen as I was on the Samsung Fascinate. I’m still a little worried about the screen size which is a measly 3.4. [...]