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Life Without Internet

Ok Maybe not in this country but certainly in other countries. But stop for a moment and think about life without the internet. What would your life be like? Here is what mine would be like. I would wake up in the morning. Cut on SportsCenter. Grab a cup of coffee. Go back to SportsCenter. [...]

Where is The Rudest City in the United States?

New York right? I mean that IS what you are thinking, right? Everybody wants to say they know the rudest city in the country. And hands down New York should be the favorite. But, to your surprise, and honestly mine too it is not. Let me give you numbers and you tell me if you [...]

Today’s Groupon – A Windows Phone 7?

Oh this truly a sad day. We know that Windows 7 phones sales absolutely stink. But they have resorted to some pretty pathetic means here. There is a Microsoft store in Chicago that offered 50% off the Samsung Focus and HTC HD7 with both being on sale for $49. This isn’t the first time Microsoft [...]

The Top 20 States to Start a Small Business

Where can you as an entrepreneur get the most bang for your buck as far as not getting hosed on taxes? Well, according to the story I just read you are going to be surprised. I was. And I am sorry but I’m going to refute a couple of these. Apparently number 9 is Ohio [...]

40% of Tweets Come From Mobile Devices

CEO Dick Costolo mentioned that Twitter users love tweeting from where they are. In fact, every 2 out of 5 tweets come from a mobile device. What’s interesting is that this trend is shown via the media and tv shows. For instance, when certain shows are on like “Glee”, the recently ended “24″, or just [...]

Why Internet Traffic Isn’t Always the Best Thing for Your Site

One of the common misconceptions is that traffic is king. Do whatever you can to get traffic to your site, and you will be just fine.I don’t know about you but traffic doesn’t feed me, and if it feeds you, please tell me your secret. I have a feeling my inbox may be a tad [...]

Verizon iPhone is Official! February 10

So there you have it folks. It’s official. Verizon is going to get the iPhone Feb 10. Here are the specifics. Verizon Wireless & Apple Team Up to Deliver iPhone 4 on Verizon BASKING RIDGE, New Jersey and CUPERTINO, California—January 11, 2011—Verizon Wireless and Apple® today announced that the iPhone® 4 will be available on [...]

Social Media Explained in Plain English

You may get this question all the time. I do. Here is a simple to follow video that will explain it to your clients on what Social Media is.

RIM Analyst Says BlackBerry PlayBook Will Fail

Interesting quote from Raymond Reddy about his feelings toward his former boss’ new tablet.   He says that the new RIM BlackBerry PlayBook will fail and probably fail fast. Here are his reasons. 1. The Playbook will not have many third party apps at launch. Agreed. That could be a sore spot for developers who may [...]

The Launch of the Verizon iPhone – What it Means?

This upcoming week could be one of Verizon’s biggest in a long time. Maybe ever. With all likelyhood, the annoucement will be Tuesday. I just got my invitation for this event in NY. But I’m sitting here and thinking about what this could mean for the landscape of the battle between AT&T and Verizon. What [...]