Archive | October, 2011

Redbox Shows Netflix How to Raise Prices

No we aren’t doubling your prices or doing some stupid spin off business. Yeah, take that Netflix. Redbox did announce they are raising prices and I’m sure some of you will not like it. Starting on Monday, October 31, the daily rental charge for DVDs will change to $1.20 a day unless you live in [...]

Top 10 Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

Well, for all those who think you have to have a college degree to do anything here is something you may want to see. Here is a list of the top 10 jobs that don’t require a college degree. (A little nervous about the Nuclear Med Tech one — just saying) * Air Traffic Controller [...]

Google Analytics: Real Time Stats Preview

The web is getting faster, and not just the speed of the pages, but also the speed of change. Before, it was fine to build a website and modify it only when new products were launched. All of us avid Analytics users know that’s just not good enough. We need to be constantly on the [...]

Creative RSS Icons for Your Blog

I know when you design websites, you don’t always like to stick to the rules with regards to RSS feeds. They aren’t the prettiest things if you just use the standard icons. Well thanks to Matt Inman and his 0at blog, here are 15 creative RSS icons for your use. Get the RSS Icons here [...]

Check Your Web Design with Webtest.Org

Web Page Test is good free service for freelance bloggers who care about blog SEO. It measures your blog performance such as speed, CSS errors, HTML mark-up and other significant SEO factors. After a short analysis, Web Page Test gives error reports and suggestion for your blog. You can examine detailed data or check a [...]

Why You Should Have a Mobile Site NOW!

Most people think having a mobile site is probably just another thing they don’t have time to worry about. But I’m here to tell you that having a mobile site is so important NOW that you could be losing customers. So here are a few reasons you need a mobile site in plain English and [...]

No T-Mobile, You Aren’t Getting Our iPhone and Here’s Why

You probably thought like I did that Apple was blackballing the one carrier that has the most unlocked iPhones. But it looks like their was a reason Apple has decided to not bring the iPhone to T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s senior vice president of marketing Andrew Sherrard mentioned in a statement that was a little surprising to [...]

Introducing the Droid Razr

What a slick phone we have here. The Droid Razr looks to be a beast of a phone in competition with the likes of the iPhone 4s and Nexus Prime. Here are the features and press release follows.  features: Powered by Android™ 2.3.5, Gingerbread 1GB RAM  for a fast user interface and multi-tasking 8-megapixel rear camera with [...]