40% of Tweets Come From Mobile Devices

Mobile / Social Media / Twitter

CEO Dick Costolo mentioned that Twitter users love tweeting from where they are. In fact, every 2 out of 5 tweets come from a mobile device. What’s interesting is that this trend is shown via the media and tv shows.

For instance, when certain shows are on like “Glee”, the recently ended “24″, or just about any sporting event of any relevance, the tweets for those shows go crazy.

“It’s definitely the case that network TV people like Twitter because it gives them feedback, like they’re in the theatre watching how the shows play out,” he said. “When [the TV show] Glee starts, tweets per second for Glee shoot up and stay up 100 times that level until the show ends, then they drop.”

One of the big things that has helped mobile users tweet more is the advent of more twitter apps for their BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices.

Well folks, the rest of the world has gone mobile. Have you and your business? Do it today!

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