Et Tu Motorola Xoom? $1199??

BlackBerry / Mobile / Tablets

Ok. I have told you I want this device, and I’ve been pretty clear that I want it bad. But I woke up to this horrible tweet about the pricing being in the $1199 range. Then I proceeded to get my trusty red marker and slash it off my list.

For that price I will get a Macbook from Apple.

Thankfully, Engadget has destroyed that rumor and showed that it will indeed be $800. But I do want to say that Motorola still is smoking that good stuff. I mean really… $800. Granted it looks good.

Really good.

But the forthcoming iPad 2 and BlackBerry Playbook are not $300 less in quality. In fact, I’ve kind of grown accustomed to the thought of a 7 inch tablet. So, I think I’ve decided that the Xoom is indeed of my list. The Playbook does seem like a nice logical choice, and the positive feedback excites me. Can RIM hit a home run with this tablet? Soon we will see.

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