Groupon’s 3 Million Dollar Mistake


Maybe Kenneth Cole and Groupon’s Ad execs hang out together. If they do, they should stop.

A horrible commercial that wasn’t funny and may be a viral social nightmare. If you are like me, I typed in #Groupon on twitter to see what the public reaction was for their Super Bowl Commercial.

It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it may result in a massive financial hit to their pockets. Somewhere is smiling and smiling bright. Let me just say that the livingsocial ad wasn’t great either but didn’t offend like Groupon’s did. Now, is the time to strike if you are livingsocial. Your move.

Here are some of the tweets from people who hated the Groupon commercial:

“I’ll be waiting to see how @Groupon handles their well-deserved bad press for those awful ads, before I decide on ending my subscription.”

“Groupon seems to have achieved the unique feat of paying $3M to lose customers who previously loved them”

“Trying to log in to cancel my @Groupon account because of their tasteless ads tonight.”

Now if you go on their blog they have commented about how wonderful it was to work with the firm named Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Funny, they may get some hate mail in the morning. The interesting thing is that according to Groupon’s Blog, this was planned. It was planned to be funny and ironic. In fact, here is a small piece from the blog.”So what if we did a parody of a celebrity-narrated, PSA-style commercial that you think is about some noble cause (such as “Save the Whales”), but then it’s revealed to actually be a passionate call to action to help yourself (as in “Save the Money”)?

I’d say they failed at this pretty miserably. In fact, the number of people that I see unsubscribing from Groupon at this very moment is a scary sign of what’s to come for the company. There better be a big apology in the morning. You make light of the situation in Tibet, you are asking for trouble.
But as much as people scream and yell about this now, it will blow over and people will subscribe again. They won’t miss the deals for long. People forgive and forget. But if you missed the Groupon ad, click the Groupon ad link it is below.
Welcome to the unemployment line, marketing director of Groupon.
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