Groupon’s IPO — Yeah a Groupon!

How fitting is this? Groupon is about to have their IPO and they decide to do what they do best.

Make it a groupon offering.

We all know clipping supermarket coupons is about as chic as a bedazzled fanny pack. Even those ironic hipsters shun double coupon days like an all-ages concert. Then one morning a Groupon appeared in your inbox, instantly upping the status of the lowly coupon forever. The 24-hour buy-in time limit? Enticing! The clever copy? Irresistible! The more than half-off discount? Tantalizing! Your credit card number is defenseless against this deadly deal.

And now? The most opulent offer-you-can’t-refuse offer is smack-dab in front of you. Owning a piece of what Forbes deemed “the fastest growing company ever” will be akin to governing a province in the Roman Empire. People on the street? They’ll know your name. People in buildings? They’ll probably know it, too. C’mon. Make Warren Buffett look like a chump today.