Life Without Internet

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Ok Maybe not in this country but certainly in other countries.

But stop for a moment and think about life without the internet. What would your life be like?

Here is what mine would be like. I would wake up in the morning. Cut on SportsCenter. Grab a cup of coffee. Go back to SportsCenter. As I listen to the scores, I would wonder if Blake Griffin continued his double double streak. As I impatiently wait for the moment when they actually mention the Clippers, I sip my coffee. Yum. It tastes rather good this morning. What did I do differently?

Wait! I just missed the Clippers score! I will wait another hour before it gets repeated or I could turn over to ESPN NEWS. Nevermind, I’ll turn my computer on……and

And do nothing. No Internet.

So, I go outside and look at the sun. It’s 8:30. It’s actually beautiful outside. Is it like this every day? I sit on the porch and watch some golfers on hole 1. It’s sad everybody tries to hit like Tiger or Bubba.  Oh well. More coffee time! Actually maybe I will take a drive. Let me just grab my iPad. I pull up to Starbucks and take a seat. I open the iPad and realize … No internet. More coffee please.

You know I could go on, but I’m shaking trying to finish this.  What I’m trying to say is that life without internet could be doable.

First, you could actually have a life beyond the computer. The example above was true. In the morning, I miss alot of things. Beautiful things because of thinking that I’m missing that all IMPORTANT email, that really could wait till the afternoon. Or perhaps that Skype call that never comes on time. Whatever it is, make sure you don’t stay shackled to the computer so much that you miss all the great things about life.

You have to feel for the problems we see in Egypt. They got the internet plugged pulled, and they had no say so in the matter.  Voluntarily cutting your internet off is one thing but having it stripped is entirely different. Basically, the government shut down all the routers that filter incoming traffic into the country. That pretty much takes the country of the world wide web line of site. They also seem to stop resolving the .eg addresses in the domain name and that, in effect, cuts you off from the world outside.

It’s insanity folks. Straight insanity. Stay tuned to Egypt.

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