Redbox Shows Netflix How to Raise Prices

No we aren’t doubling your prices or doing some stupid spin off business. Yeah, take that Netflix.
Redbox did announce they are raising prices and I’m sure some of you will not like it.

Starting on Monday, October 31, the daily rental charge for DVDs will change to $1.20 a day unless you live in Maryland. The price change is due to rising operating expenses, including new increases in debit card fees. Daily rental charges for Blu-ray™ Discs and video games won’t change.** Additional-day charges for DVDs rented before 10/31 won’t be affected, either.

In order to make the transition easier, Redbox will discount the first day of all online DVD rentals to $1.00 from 10/31 through 11/30. Additional rental days will be $1.20.

$.20 isn’t a big deal at all although purists may picket outside, but I can swallow that. How about your renters? Big deal or not?