RIM Analyst Says BlackBerry PlayBook Will Fail

Interesting quote from Raymond Reddy about his feelings toward his former boss’ new tablet.   He says that the new RIM BlackBerry PlayBook will fail and probably fail fast.

Here are his reasons.

1. The Playbook will not have many third party apps at launch. Agreed. That could be a sore spot for developers who may not want to go to the trouble of creating for a brand new OS from QNX although it will be a heck of a lot better.

2. Too Late to the Prom.  After seeing the Motorola Xoom and tons of other tablets coming out, RIM better hurry up. If this doesn’t come out before the iPad 2 or Xoom, you will see  a lack of interest from the masses. That Xoom could really make a strong push for those who may have been Playbook prone.

3. The fact that you have to have a BlackBerry for tethering. I’m waiting for more info on this. Rumor has it that the wi-fi only version wont be able to connect to corporate email without tethering with a Blackberry is a bit of a turn off.

Of course, we have heard numerous reports of bad battery life on the PlayBook but RIM has disputed these.  The last one of the three above concerns me especially since a 3G Playbook will not be out till next year.  Keep posted