The Curious Case of the Motorola Tablet

What do you think of the potential Motorola tablet that is suppose to come out at CES?

I have been thinking about it. I was playing with my iPad yesterday and contemplated a new tablet. Right now, as it stands, there is no other tablet I like. The Samsung Tab is nothing but the EVO with more screen space. I wasn’t impressed with the speed of the device.

The Dell Streak. Nuff Said.

But the future looks pretty nice when it comes to the tablet market. There are three tablets I want to investigate further. The Motorola Tablet, BlackBerry Playbook and iPad2.

The Motorola Tablet does give me a tingly feeling. I like Motorola products as a whole. I think they do a nice job with presentation and sleek design. So what do we know about this device. It looks like a full touch screen tablet running  Android 3.0. Maybe 7 inches. Maybe 10 inches.

Who knows. Check out this video and wait to hear from our correspondents from CES.