Today’s Groupon – A Windows Phone 7?

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Oh this truly a sad day. We know that Windows 7 phones sales absolutely stink. But they have resorted to some pretty pathetic means here.

There is a Microsoft store in Chicago that offered 50% off the Samsung Focus and HTC HD7 with both being on sale for $49. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has offered discounts on their phones or products, but what does this say about your phone if you are doing Groupons a mere two months after launch. Don’t get me wrong, the phone isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I kind of dug the phone. But it was a tad too simple, at least for me.

I know that the Verizon Windows 7 models are soon to launch along with Sprint so may be this is an easy way to clear the inventory. But I don’t buy that theory. I think it just adds to an increasing long list of failures.

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