Verizon’s iPhone 4 – A Flop at Launch?

It may be hard to believe but the long anticipated Verizon iPhone may not been as anticipated as we thought. Now before we go crazy with this, I think it’s safe to say that current Verizon users aren’t willing to pay full price for the iPhone right now. So, when their contract is complete, you will probably see a massive switch.

According to Conceivably Tech, Verizon asked UPS to have a special shipping system set up for one week to handle what they thought would be a 30,000 shipment on day one and 50,000 units a day subsequently. These were set up in three regions. East, West and Midwest. According to the figures OF ONE OF THE REGIONS, Verizon shipped less than 15,000 units on the first day and well below 10,000 on the following days. UPS cancelled the special shipping system and went back to regular shipping methods.

Wow. So either the other two regions were awesome, or somebody is telling a fat one.

Verizon supposedly claims that iPhone 4 pre-orders were a record and expected 10-15 million sold per quarter. I’m sorry but I doubt that. Android has way too many cool phones coming out with LTE capabilities something not possible with the iPhone 4. Could the LTE network be the reason some decided to wait for a better iPhone? Or most could be waiting till June to see the new iPhone 5 and choose not to lock into a contract?

info via ConceivablyTech