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What is SMS Text Marketing?SMS Marketing is a rapidly growing marketing technique that is used by a variety of businesses and is widely available to a broad range of consumers. SMS, meaning Short Messaging Service, is most commonly known as text messaging, or sometimes mobile messaging, or alphanumeric paging. Messages are delivered direct to a users cell phone and generally contain less than 160 characters. SMS Marketing has become an effective means of communication because virtually all of the clientele will be reached with an astounding 94% of messages read.

So how do you use SMS marketing software to build your business and increase profit? It’s important to realize that text message marketing is not just a new form of spam. The applications for bulk sms marketing and wireless marketing are limited only by the imagination of the companies and organizations that use them.

Several companies have had great success using SMS text to send special SMS Coupons to existing customers, such as special coupons redeemable in store. Doctors are using SMS to remind patients of their appointments. Executives are using bulk SMS to send messages to their employees regarding meetings. Banks are sending SMS account balances to their customers. The Chicago White Sox offer seventh inning stretch trivia contests for free game tickets. And if you’ve seen American Idol, the number one television program in the US, you know that audience members get to participate by voting with text messaging. SMS has gone mainstream and the audience for sms marketing is only getting bigger.

The features we have:

  1. Mobile Coupons
  2. Mobile Voting
  3. Text to Screen
  4. E-mail Marketing
  5. Keywords and Short Codes
  6. SMS Appointment Reminders
  7. Facebook Widgets
  8. Shuffle Responder
  9. Mobile eCards
  10. Picture/Video Messaging
  11. Voice Broadcast