Why Internet Traffic Isn’t Always the Best Thing for Your Site


One of the common misconceptions is that traffic is king. Do whatever you can to get traffic to your site, and you will be just fine.I don’t know about you but traffic doesn’t feed me, and if it feeds you, please tell me your secret. I have a feeling my inbox may be a tad quiet.

You have to do more than just get them there to your blog. It HAS to motivate the reader to do something. Press that button. Pay that bill. Whatever the case may be. Make them do something!

But so many folks think that they just have to write these keyword infested post that look and feel like you are in a pond of pirahnas. If you are like me, you can spot them from a mile away.  As Brian Clark put it, “Part of being friendly to search engines is using language in your content that relevant searchers are also using. That’s where keyword research comes in.”

Keywords are important yes. It’s crucial for Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  So, here is a tool you may need to become familiar with. Google has their keyword tool that is pretty helpful. One of the major benefits is that it allows you to see the highest paying keywords on the market. This helps you setup your plan of attack with regards the foundation of building your site. Really it’s keyword phrases that you want to focus on.

More people are typing in “best restaurants in Cincinnati” vs “Cincinnati”. Be smart with how you pick keywords. Obviously, if you want to find the best steakhouse in West Chester (suburb of Cincinnati) what do you think will be a more effective search? “best steakhouse in Cincinnati” or “best west chester ohio steakhouses”? Be as specific as possible.

Traffic is great people, but you have to think beyond the traffic and get people to do what you want them to do.

And that isn’t always easy as it sounds.

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