Why You Should Have a Mobile Site NOW!

Most people think having a mobile site is probably just another thing they don’t have time to worry about. But I’m here to tell you that having a mobile site is so important NOW that you could be losing customers.

So here are a few reasons you need a mobile site in plain English and short to the point.

1. I can’t see your website on my phone.  Your site was probably built in flash or in some manner that really irritates me, and I see that it has a big blue box. So, you just lost me as a customer.

2. Mobile phone users are impatient. I don’t have time for your mega huge site to load on my phone. I just want your menu or services. If I have to wait more than 5 seconds, I’m gone. On to the next business who knows how to give me what I want.

3. I don’t need to know everything you have on your desktop site. Please just give me the information I need to know now. Not all the other stuff.  Scale your site down to just the facts I can use now, and I may even give you an icon on my home screen.

4. I’m on my phone more than my desktop computer. It’s true. The smartphone has taken me away from my desk and more in the streets. I’m searching you on the go. Make my job easier.